Balayage highlights are one of the hottest hair color trends on the fashion runways this year. This beautiful sun-kissed look is highly sought after among celebrities and models, and we are honored to offer it as one of our specialty hair color services at our hair salon in Slidell.

Unlike foil highlights which are more uniform, balayage highlights are randomly placed for a natural look that imitates the effects of hair that has been lightened by the sun. Creating this effect requires the skill of a master colorist. A lighter color is artistically “swept” onto the ends of the hair and carried up the strands of hair for a soft gradual lightening effect that eventually fades into a darker color at the top.

For a completely different and more avante garde style, bolder, vibrant colors can be swept onto the hair. The possibilities are unlimited.

This is an excellent way to take your hair to another level by adding interest, depth and dimension. Our high quality professional lightening formulas allow you to receive a beautiful range of hues while leaving your hair in great condition after this color service.

407 thoughts on “Balayage”

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