Clip In Hair Extensions

Gorgeous Hair with No Commitment!

Our clip in hair extensions give you the freedom of living it up with glamorous style one day and then the ability to return to your favorite, normal style the next day. Clip ins are a perfect option for special events when you need extra volume and length for a style that looks like you’ve stepped off the runway, or for brides who want to create an amazing wedding hair style.

Our clip ins use the same superior quality Remy human hair as our more permanent keratin-tipped variety, and they are available in stunning palette of shades. You can add a splash of color, get instant highlights, and give your hair rich, thick volume in just a few minutes. One of our highly trained specialists at On Stage will gently attached them to your hair before your special event, and when you are ready for them to be removed, they are quick and easy to detach.

Because they are created from natural hair, our clip in hair extensions can be styled just like your own hair. You can curl them, straighten them with a flat iron, or create a blowout style with brush and blow dryer. What’s not to love?

What Sets Our Extensions Apart?

All of our SHE Hair extensions at On Stage use remy hair, the finest hair available. Each year when the hair is purchased at market, Antonio DiBiasi, the owner of SHE by SoCap in Italy, gets first pick of the best hair in the world because he is the largest hair purchaser in the world. The hair is carefully selected to ensure that it is remy quality and “cuticle correct”.

Extensions that do not use remy hair are created from inferior quality bulk hair that is gathered from many sources. A synthetic layer of silicone is often applied to add artificial shine and disguise the poor quality. After just a few washes this coating will wear off, leaving dull, matted, tangled hair.

While it sounds cliche, you truly do get what you pay for, and cheap hair extension products will always have a short term life and disappointing performance.

Our salon uses only the highest quality, imported, remy human hair to provide our New Orleans clients with the very best hair extensions in the world. We guarantee you will love your look!