Hair Extensions FAQ

How many colors are available to choose from?
The extensions at our hair salon are available in over 90 different colors, as well as a variety of lengths and textures including straight, curly and medium wave. Your extensions can be matched to your natural hair color for a subtle look that just adds more volume and length, or you can achieve dramatic effects with fantasy colors, crystal strands, and feathers. These are the best hair extensions in the New Orleans area.

How are hair extensions attached?
Hair extensions can be attached using a variety of methods including hot fusion, cold fusion, clip in and more. Our extensions have a special keratin tip bonding method that allows for a completely undetectable appearance. On the top of each hair lock, our extensions have a thin sheet of keratin. Unlike silicone coated hair, keratin respects the integrity of the hair since the keratin itself is a natural component of hair. The special keratin tips improve the hair extension applications, making the procedure safe, simple and exact. The keratin has a specific shape and is the same color of the hair lock. This allows for a perfect application that is completely invisible and flawless.

What is Remi hair?
Remy hair is the finest hair available. Remi hair extensions are made from high quality natural human hair that has been carefully selected to ensure that the hair cuticles are all going in the same direction from root to tip. This allow for easy styling and less tangling. This type of hair is carefully selected for excellence and guaranteed to provide superior results. Our processing for Remi hair allows for a continual, natural flow and look that is extremely pleasurable to touch with no bulky effects.

Extensions that do not use remi hair are created from hair that has been arranged haphazardly with the cuticle on some strands of hair running in one direction while the cuticle of other strands runs in another. When this occurs, matting and tangling is always the result. Some companies attempt to remove the cuticle by using a chemical treatment. This process however results in destroying the hair structure and creating very fragile hair. It is difficult to tell the difference in hair extension quality. We use only the highest quality extensions to provide our clients with the very best hair possible.

How often will my hair extensions need to be maintained at the salon?
We recommend that our New Orleans hair extension clients return to our hair salon two weeks later for a follow-up visit after they receive their extensions for the first time. This will give us the opportunity to check the extensions to make sure that they are still in excellent shape as far as attachment and care. It will also give you the opportunity to share any questions that you may have with our stylists. After your first follow-up visit, you will need to return to the salon every few months for maintenance on your extensions. As your natural hair continues to grow, your extensions will need to be adjusted to continue to look beautiful and undetectable.

Will my hair extensions fall out?
It is normal to lose a few extensions per month. If this does occur within a specified time frame, do not panic. When you return to our hair salon for your regular maintenance and touch-ups, your stylist can add new strands to replace any that have been lost due to normal wear.