Men’s Hair Loss Solutions

Over half the population will experience some form of hair loss by the age of 65. In some cases, it is a reduction in thickness and volume, but in many cases, the hair loss is more severe and complete baldness can be the result.

What are your options?
When looking for hair restoration options, one of the most important things to consider is: will this solution really work? Men and women who are suffering from hair loss can find a variety of hair replacement options, all claiming to offer the best avenue for giving them back their hair. How do you know which options really work, and which options simply do not live up to their claims?

The Most Common Approaches

Topical Hair Growth Treatments
Hair growth treatments such as Propecia or Rogaine work to prevent the formation of the DHT hormone that weakens your hair follicles, leading to thinning hair and the cessation of healthy hair growth. Unless you are in the very early stages of hair loss, applying these chemicals to your scalp will not actually cause your hair to grow back or restore hairlines that have been lost. The active ingredients in these formulas simply slow down the process of thinning hair and baldness. Propecia is not approved for use by women and must be taken on an on-going basis to maintain its benefit.

Laser Hair Growth
Controlled laser energy from a hand held device is often touted as a method of stimulating hair follicles and promoting hair regrowth. While this sounds like an amazing remedy, the hair growth tends to be extremely minimal with this method, and it only works with individuals who are at the very earliest stages of hair loss. It will not treat advanced hair loss.

Surgical Hair Transplanting
Hair transplanting is a surgically invasive hair replacement option. During the procedure, healthy hair and hair follicles are removed from one area of your head and transplanted to an area where there is little or no hair growth. Typically the hair is taken from donor areas on the sides and back of the head and moved to the top and front of the scalp. For most men and women, surgical hair replacement is not a viable option. To provide realistic and natural looking results, a sufficient amount of healthy hair is needed, and in advanced stages of hair loss, there is simply not enough healthy hair available on the sides and back of the head to transplant and cover the areas where there is no growth.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement
Nonsurgical hair replacement systems provide the most effective, undetectable, and affordable solution. For the majority of our New Orleans clients, this is the very best option for restoring hair to its former volume and style. Our hair systems at On Stage are innovative, artistically crafted, and they provide a solution that gives immediate and outstanding results without an invasive surgical procedure. Your style is instantly restored with a customized look designed specifically for you. A wealth of natural hair colors, textures, lengths, and wave patterns can be expertly combined to precisely match and blend with your natural existing hair. Our hair systems are created with high standards for a completely undetectable look. You do not have to compromise your lifestyle either. You can pursue your normal activities confidently, without worrying about your hair.