So I finally did it and took pictures of it!  Back in January I was sick with the flu and pleurisy for about a week. So much so that Danielle Allo Luken had to drive me to the Doctor sick with about 104.5 fever for about a week. I even lost my sense of taste for a few weeks. Well when your body goes through something like that on top of grad school, you can lose your hair and I did. I lost about 50% of it in April – May. I had a sad little ponytail while I tested my thyroid and different levels. No problems there, just stress, that’s all. Well thankfully and finally there has been new hair growth. I decided I didn’t want the sad little ponytail any more and I bit the bullet and got a long pixie hair cut! Shortest I have ever gone, even from back in High School. Here is the picture (Jada) I showed Kali from Onstage Salon and here is my curlier version of it. I absolutely love it and it is way better than I imagined!

–Melissa Amato

Just got my hair done and I love it!!  Go check Brennan Douglas Ory out at On Stage Hair Studio, you won’t regret it!

–Mallorie Guzman

My girl Kali did it again!  In love with the cut and color!  Went more red with some purple highlights in it!  The before and after!  Want to change up your look, go see my girl and please tell her I sent you!

–Angel Reed Beers

Feeling incredible thanks to On Stage Hair Studio

–Cami Mantilla

Thanks for the blow-out, trim, and treatment, Brennan Ory; Stylist.  My hair feels so much fuller and healthier

–Kiernan Haney

Amazing place!  Very friendly!

–Kelsey Engle

Christina did an awesome job with my color cut n style just loved it she really gives me what I want.I feel at home the new look.

–Paula Guerra

Real name’s Kailyn, and having just left my second visit at On Stage, I can only say I’m happy I found this place. Having had previous bad experiences in the past, I don’t trust my hair (which is not only thick but also curly) to just anyone anymore. But now that I’ve found Mallory, I can say that I now have a premanent hairstylist. She takes such amazing care of my hair, and all the other employees are so nice. 10/10 definitely going again.

–Zaylee Bones

I had Microlinks done by their talented stylist, Christina…She is someone you can sit and have coffee with..I love Bernard’s methodical explanation of the process and step by step comparison to different methods..answered all my questions, respects his stylist, the atmosphere is welcoming. the space is clean and bright..I would highly recommend this salon for the ultimate experience in client satisfaction, and beautiful healthy hair!…

–Adriana Morales

This is the most friendly salon. All stylists are great and very talented. Love all of them.
–Kimberly Pearson

Excellent salon. The ladies are extremely friendly.
–Tiffany Rogers

Highly recommend. Went here to get a fresh cut and a new look. The stylist was very sweet and did a fabulous job. So happy with my experience.
–Deborah Adams

The best salon I have been to. I was impressed with their services. My stylist did my hair exactly how I wanted it done.
–Crystal Ryan

I usually don’t leave reviews, but I have to say that I was satisfied with the service provided and the prices are reasonable too.
–Lauren Howard

Excellent,friendly service. Very nice setting! Good value. Highly recommended
–Judy Nichols