Smoothing & Perms

Bio Ionic Kerasmooth
This is an excellent alternative to the typical keratin treatments that you will find in other hair salons in Slidell. Say goodbye to frizz and unruly tresses! Kerasmooth takes your hair from frizzy and unmanageable to sleek and straight with a special formula that is formaldehyde free.

The Kerasmooth keratin treatment leaves your hair incredibly soft, smooth, and shiny in about an hour with a one-step treatment. In addition, the formula fortifies your hair, making it stronger and easier to style with improved elasticity. A super NanoIonic Complex infuses moisture and deep conditioning ingredients into the hair cuticle for super manageability. In addition, the formula also fortifies each strand of your hair, making your locks stronger and easier to style with improved elasticity. Blow dry time is significantly reduced after this treatment. Perfect for all hair types including hair that has been chemically processed, permed, highlighted or color-treated.

Unlike many other keratin treatments on the market, Kerasmooth contains no formaldehyde and is formaldehyde-derivative free. Two Keratin-Henna formulas are available depending upon your hair type (virgin/resistant & for chemically-treated hair). You’ll enjoy stronger, frizz-free hair that has beautiful shine and improved elasticity for up to 12 weeks.

Perm/Body Wave
A permanent wave is answer for anyone who loves waves and curls but who has naturally straight hair. A permanent wave can change the structure of your hair and can be customized to give you the exact amount of wave, curl, and volume that you wan