SHE Hair

The Very Finest Hair in the World

SHE Hair by SoCap USA uses the highest and finest quality natural 100% human Remy hair from India. This beautiful hair, known for its resilience and shine, is professionally processed so that the integrity of the hair cuticle stays intact.

For color options, SHE Hair is unrivaled by any other brand. Over 90 different colors are available including popular ombre shades and fantasy colors to fit everyone’s needs and style. You can also choose between three different textures (straight, wavy, and curly) as well as three different lengths.

Another factor that sets SHE Hair apart from other brands is the innovative, non-tension attachment method. Special keratin tip bonds keep the integrity of the hair intact and result in a perfectly flawless strand by strand application that is completely invisible. Tape in extensions, and temporary clip in extensions including ponytails, bangs and full head clip in sets are also available.

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