Women’s Hair Loss Solutions

Hair loss in women can be triggered by several circumstances. In some cases, the loss is temporary and related to a particular condition or hormonal change. It is fairly common, for instance, to experience hair loss following pregnancy. Although it can be alarming when you see large quantities of hair falling out, this is a temporary condition, and your hair will return to its pre-pregnancy state in a few months as your hormone levels begin to balance and return to normal. Thyroid issues and stress can also lead to temporary hair loss.

Permanent hair loss, however, is another situation entirely. It is often experienced by women around the time of menopause. When estrogen levels drop, women’s hair follicles can become sensitive to the effects of a chemical called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT affects women differently than it does men. While men often experience bald spots at the crown and areas of complete baldness, this is rare in women. Generally, women suffering from hair loss see an overall thinning in the volume and density of their hair.

In cases where extreme hair loss occurs, women need a hair replacement option that will provide the volume and thickness of the hair that they once loved. In these cases, a customized hair system is often the best solution. A hair system, unlike a wig, is artistically crafted and replicates the look of natural growing hair. It is so well designed that it is impossible to tell the hair system apart from your natural hair. The hair line, hair texture and the color of every strand of hair are all created to blend flawlessly with your own hair and skin color to provide a look that is undetectable. If you are grieving over your hair loss, remembering days when your hair was thick and voluminous and when you could wear just about any hair style, then visit us for a free consultation for our state of the art hair systems. This is a solution that provides immediate results and that will give you back a style that will get compliments and turn heads once again.